Jacob B. Cowling

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JUPO: The Essence of Life
by Jacob B. Cowling

Sam had been, in the past, described as a person with the ability to talk to anyone. In physical appearance, he would be described as being a young man of average build and height, fair skin, with bright eyes and dark hair. Growing up in a small country town allowed him to feed his curious and adventurous personality, exploring the streets with his brother and close friends. Living here developed his thirst for his imagination, his ability to enter other worlds, which was the beginning of his whirlwind journey.

JUPO written by Jacob B. Cowling recounts the story of a young man’s life over a period of five days. From the constraints of his own mind, Sam Thomas manages to find a way to open up to the mysteries around him through a series of meditative practices. Each day is a new discovery, until he finally uncovers JUPO – the essence of life. The concept of JUPO is based upon certain spiritual discoveries that the author experienced and reflected upon over a period of several years. These discoveries have resonated with him in such a way that he wishes for readers to also gain insight into these understandings.